Monday, January 15, 2018

Week 71

Hey everyone! 
This week was crazy and fun! So something really awesome was that I got to go with the Kellogg elders Monday to Wednesday morning because I was companion less after Elder Hall left for Ecuador. I had tons of fun those couple of days. I was able to go and meet a lot of members and say hi to them again. I was able to see the Chairez family, the Rodriquez family, the Hernández family, and the González family. It was so fun to see them all again. When we went to see the Hernandez family (Which is Jason, Joe, and their brothers) we were walking up to the door and Joe was walking home from school and saw me and ran up to me and gave me a big hug. It was really fun to see that family now that they are all active and members now. Except the mom and step dad. It was also awesome being back in Kellogg because I was able to teach some lessons in Spanish! 
So Wednesday was transfer day and I was able to meet my new trainee. His name is Elder Riley and he is from Phoenix. He is really tall. But he is cool. We were able to have a lesson with Matthew and Ruth and we talked about prayer and read Lehi’s dream with them. It was really cool because Ruth made the comment how she has ‘felt good as we meet with you and when we went to church’ we explained how that is the spirit testifying of the truth. She replied, “I know it’s the Holy Spirit” so that was awesome how she has been able to recognize the spirit! They both came to church again! 
It’s been really cold this week and it has snowed twice! 

1) With the Chairez family 
2) old pic with bunny that the Chairez fam named after me
3-4) trying to recreate the old pic with skylar the bunny
5) Kellogg district feat. Elder Johnson
6) We went to two Mexican places in two days
7) Me and Joe

Week 70

So this week was really awesome! So I’ll start off by saying that Elder Hall left for Ecuador this morning. It’s sad that I won’t see him for a while. But oh well. He is gonna kill it in Ecuador. We drove down to Wichita Sunday night and spent the night. And that’s when I found out that I am going to train again in Junction. So that’s will be fun. 

So a really awesome story. I don’t know if I told y’all about Matthew and Ruth. We found them by knocking on the wrong door trying to go to a members house. Anyways we started a Book of Mormon study class Thursday nights and we hadn’t been in contact with them for a week of two so we went over to their house to invite them to the class and they came! We talked about where the Book of Mormon came from and its importance. They both took notes and were involved with the class. We invited to church after and they said no. But they wanted us to go by and see them before Elder Hall left. So we went by Saturday and read the Book of Mormon with them. They both had lots of good questions and like the Book of Mormon. We invited them to church and they accepted. They both came to church and stayed all three hours and loved it! We had a linger longer after church and they stayed for that too! They are planning on coming to the Book of Mormon class every week and a member invited Ruth to a relief society activity and she wants to attend that too! 

Also this Sunday our recent convert Ramon blessed the sacrament for his first time and he did a great job! He brought is fiancée to church Sunday as well. 

And right now the APs put me in the best area in the mission AKA Kellogg. So I’m going to be in Kellogg for today and Tuesday! So that is awesome! I’m going go visit my amigos later today and tomorrow!

So this week has just been awesome! Although it’s sad to lose Elder Hall I’m excited for this next transfer. I’ll find out who I’m training Wednesday.

Elder Skylar Johnson

1-2) We played a funny game at a members house. Now I look like the the family on Christmas Eve. Haha
3) Last district pic of the transfer. 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Week 68 Christmas

Our Skype Call with Elder Johnson was so great!!

1) District with Ossie
2-3) Elder Hall and I 
4) Pajamas we got from the carpenters
5) Our Christmas tree
6) Breakfast at the Medina’s Christmas Morning

Week 67 Temple Week

Hi Mom! 

This week was good! We had some conference, interviews, and we went to the temple! So it’s been a good week! We drove down with the bishop and his wife and stopped at Red Robin on the way home. Oh and we had a ward Christmas party and for church we went to primary and did a nativity presentation. I was the shepherd. It was fun and we had costumes so it was awesome.  
Have a great week! See you Monday! Love ya!

Elder Skylar Johnson 

Kansas City Missouri Temple

Zone Conference

1-3) service in Milford. Help and old non member lady do stuff around the house. With elder Hall and Thompson 
4) Ward Christmas party
5) Shepherd (me) and Joseph (brother spring) before our nativity presentation to the primary
6) Shepherd and 3 wise men
7) Twining is winning with Elder Ryan

Friday, December 15, 2017

Week 66

Hi Mom! This week was good! We did a ton of service this week and have a lot more lined up for this next week. We don’t have any news on Elder Halls visa yet. It’s not too cold so he is doing fine. He has a sweater and a light jacket that gives enough warmth. 
This week lots happened and at the same time not much happened. We did find a cool family this week (single mom and her son) and they are interested and we have had a couple awesome lesson with them. It was cool because when we knocked on their door the mom answered and told us that she wasn’t interested but that he son would be. So we came by later to meet with her son and she listened to the lesson and now she is taking the lessons with her son. So that’s cool. And yeah that was my week. 
So next week I’m going to the Kansas City Temple with all the elders in my district including the senior couple and the bishop to do a session. So that’s awesome! I'm excited! It’s been forever since I’ve been to the temple. The mission has recently changed the policy so we can go to the temple every six months if we live within 2 1/2 hours of the temple. So that will probably be the only opportunity I’ll have to go to the temple on my mission. Unless I serve in Topeka. I will be going on Tuesday so Tuesday will be my pday. So I’m letting you know so you can know that I won’t respond to my email til Tuesday. Have a great week!  Love ya!

Elder Skylar Johnson

1-2) In the apartment 
3) Junction City Squad
4) Chapman #LightTheWorld
Dear Sister Johnson,

Your fine son participated in a special musical number in our ward yesterday. The elders sang a beautiful arrangement of "Silent Night" that was enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

Thank you again for sending your son to Kansas on his mission! We are enjoying getting to know him!

Nancy Methvin
Junction City 1st Ward

Another yummy dinner at the Dunlaps

Dear Sister Johnson,

Your fine son participated in a special musical number in our ward yesterday. The elders sang a beautiful arrangement of "Silent Night" that was enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

Thank you again for sending your son to Kansas on his mission! We are enjoying getting to know him!

Nancy Methvin
Junction City 1st Ward

Week 65

1) I think I forgot to send this one last week. Doing service... I’m Chapman for the Johnson family
2-4) Father and Son aka Elder Johnson and Hall
5-6) Driving past Milford lake
7) Playing ball with Jacob
8) Elder Thornton and I

Week 64 Staying in Junction City

Hey everyone! 
This week was great! Transfer news is in so I’ll start off with that. I will be staying in Junction City and I will be training a new missionary! So that’s exciting! I’m really excited to train I think it will be really fun. I don’t know who it will be but I’ll find out on Wednesday. I’m happy I’m staying because Junction is awesome and the members are really cool. 
So this week was Thanksgiving! It was really good. We had two Thanksgivings on Thursday (one at the church and the other at a members) and another one on Friday it was so good. I got a little fat. 
This week also we did a lot of service. It was fun. Saturday we went and did some yard work for some members cutting down trees and bushes. But that is a quick rundown of my week this week! 

Dinner at the Dunlaps