Monday, September 11, 2017

Week 54 West Wichita

Hey everyone! 
This week was super awesome! So first off we had transfers so I had so say good bye to the good ole Kellogg branch. It was hard to say goodbye to the branch after getting to know them all so well. 
But anyways now I'm on the westside of Wichita in the other Spanish branch. (Wichita only has two Spanish branches) So my new compaƱero Elder Riddle is cool. And we are reopening the area after it being closed for just a transfer. And so when we got to our area we didn't have a area book or anything so we just went to a random street and went door knocking. It was cool because almost everyone on the whole street spoke Spanish and Spanish only. So we found a ton of cool people. The next day we actually got our area book and it had absolutely nothing in it so we are starting completely fresh. It's hard but it's fun. But one of the coolest milagros that we saw this week was Saturday night. We went to go see a potential investigator we met earlier in the week. And in the driveway there was a man and we offered him a picture of Jesus Christ. As we talked to him we had a
powerful first contact in Spanish, we ended up teaching him the whole restoration and he loved and understood it. He said that he would get baptized if he came to know that our message is true. But there was a problem, he works out of town and is only home on the weekends. But since now we have Facebook we set that up with him and he is down to keep in contact with us throughout the week through Facebook! But he is pretty cool and he downloaded the Book of Mormon app and said he will listen to it as he works during the week too!

The Rodriguez family
 Joe and Francisco
 My Mexican grandparents Maria y Ramon
Our investigator Ricardo
Nancy and Hermana CastaƱeda and Fernando

Week 53

Hey Everyone!
Transfers are this week and I'm getting transferred to the Wichita west Spanish branch(all the west side of Wichita) So that's fun. There are two Spanish branches in Wichita and so now I'll be able to serve in both! I'm going to know Wichita very well. My new companion is going to be  Elder Riddle he was companions with Elder Flores and Elder Colemere so we have some past companions in common! 
We will be reopening the Elders area so that will be fun! It's going to be sad to leave because of how well I've got to know the members and the area in Kellogg but I'll just be on the other side of the river and both branches play soccer every Saturday morning so I'll still see some of them!
But anyways this week was good! We got Facebook this week so it's an awesome missionary tool to have. So that's what's going on with me!

The Rains family (they are super awesome)
 Kellogg district pics