Monday, February 20, 2017

El Senõr Provee

Hey everybody! 
Another awesome week in Kansas is in the books. This week was quite the week. I have had a cold and have been super sneezy but I'm doing better. Elder Colemere and I had been working super hard all week and we weren't seeing any success. In fact quite the opposite many of our investigators fell off. It was really frustrating to be honest. But we didn't give up. Saturday came around and the Lord provided. Saturday we met a ton of people that were pretty interested in learning about the church and a couple speak Spanish. I love it when we get to use our Spanish.
Then later Saturday night we had a lesson with this family, they hadn't been progressing very much. Missionaries have been working with them for quite some time. We brought our ward mission leader with us and it was awesome. He was super bold with them (in a good way) and the spirit was super strong.
Then Sunday rolled around and that was the busiest day of church ever. We walked into church and sat next to one of our investigators. A couple minutes later our ward mission leader grabbed my shoulder and said, "Elder, there is a family of four sitting in the back that came to check out the church, would you go sit with them?" We very gladly went a sat by them and got to meet them a little bit. After Sacrament meeting they gladly gave us their contact information and told us to give them a call and stop by sometime this week. We are pretty excited about that.
So like 2 weeks ago a inactive member called us and said he was on the verge of suicide and didn't think he could make it any longer. We testified to him and he said we could come visit him. We drove down to his house immediately. That was one of the weirdest lessons ever. He was super drunk and had the largest beer can collection I have ever seen. It was really hard to teach him when he was as drunk as he was and how he thought god wanted him dead. We were there for some time and before we left we gave him a blessing. He said he would come to church. But we weren't to sure if he would actually come. He ended up coming. And then yesterday he came again. He came up to us and said "thank you so much for visiting me a couple of weeks ago. Since you left I haven't had any desire to drink alcohol and haven't touched it since. I have also been reading the Bible everyday." It was so awesome so hear that from him. He is a totally different man now and he is happy. The atonement
can change anyone no matter the circumstance. The church is so true.

Elder Johnson

Las fotos:
1-3) we were biking and saw a trail thought it would be a short cut.
Next thing we knew we were in a maze of this grassy stuff. It's was
really cool and fun.
4) Elder Clifford and I looking our best

Monday, February 13, 2017

Power of Prayer and Burgdogs

Hey everyone! 
These past couple of weeks have been really awesome.
So a cool experience that we had. We were riding our bikes around talking to people and we weren't having much success. So we said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to guide us to someone who is ready for the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in their life. Shortly after we ran into Tonya. She was really accepting to our message and had desires to come closer to Christ and to change her life. She gave us her address and told us to stop by the next day. The next day comes and we discover that the address she gave us didn't exist. It was kinda a let down but this kind of stuff happens a lot so we are used to it. But later that day we prayed again and asked Heavenly Father to lead us to someone. Shortly later we ran into Tonya again! She told us how she just moved to Salina and told us the wrong address and then gave us the correct address. We have had some amazing lessons with her. After our first sit down lesson with her we invited her to pray if our message is true and if she should keep meeting with us. Her reply, "I already did that, and I want to keep meeting with you" Such an amazing experience. Prayer and faith are so powerful! The church is true!!!
So this week has been hot. Thursday it hit 80 degrees! It was so nice. That day we went and biked up Indian rock which is like the only hill in Salina. I took some pictures so you can see the beauty of Salina Kansas. It's all dead, brown, flat, and ugly but I love it.

On top of Indian rock

 Sitting on the edge of the cliff

We rolled up some beef and made what we call burgdogs

PDay Adventures

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 24

Hey mom! 
This week has been awesome! We have met some cool people. Not a whole lot to talk about though. We did a ton of biking around. This week we had zone training (which means I have a picture!)
Transfers are Wednesday and I am staying in Salina with Elder Colemere. I'm pretty happy about it. I'm excited for this next transfer. Sounds like an exciting Super Bowl. That sucks the pats won 🤦🏼‍♂️I'm not surprised though. 
We have been biking a ton. We have a full time car but we have been biking so we can meet more people.
Elder Johnson