Monday, January 30, 2017

Missionary Work 2.0

So I had an awesome week this week. Tuesday we had exchanges and I got to go to Concordia for the day with Elder Folwell. When we first arrived we went to visit one of their investigators, he tells me that the investigators husband (Jamie) speaks only Spanish. When we get there the only one home is Jamie. He invited us in and said that we could talk to him. Well Elder Folwell is and English missionary. We sat down and we talked with him about the restoration and the Book of Mormon he seemed to understand me for the most part. And I struggled understanding him because he spoke 'old man' Spanish (which is mumbled quiet and unclear) but thanks to the gift of tounges we were able to have a solid lesson with him. It was really cool. And before I left Salina I felt prompted to put a restoration pamphlet in my coat pocket. During the lesson I took out the pamphlet to show him the picture of the first vision and he said, "can I have that?" It was a cool experience. Then Wednesday there was a worldwide missionary broadcast that was awesome! They made a big change to missionary work. They changed our mission schedule which is awesome. Before every morning was set at 8:00 personal study 9:00 comp study and so on. Now they let us have our studies and meals at anytime of the day pretty much. And then they changed our weekly key indicators.
Also this week we had an MLC that was awesome. Elder Colemere and I got to go because they invited some of the district leaders to come. Brother Donaldson who was the mission president in District 2 (if any of you know what that is) came and taught us a ton! We also are changing a lot of stuff in our mission. We can now use skype to teach. And we are going to get facebook. They are coming out with the District 3 videos. They are also changing a ton of other things too. It's such a big change I just call it Missionary Work 2.0. I learned so much this week! 

Such an eventful week!

Elder Johnson

Monday, January 23, 2017

5 Months

This week was pretty awesome we saw a ton of miracles this week. There is this one investigator that we have that hadn't been progressing very much but, we had some super awesome lessons with her and she has progressed tons! Then the other day we saw some guy on the street as we were driving down the street so we gave him a picture of Jesus and got his number. Then the next day we decided to give him a call and it was crazy. He has been going through a big rough patch and he was having some suicidal thoughts. So we testified of God's love and then we asked him if we could meet with him and he let us. We went and met with him at the park and had an awesome lesson with him. We are going to see him again tonight. God places us where we are needed!
This week was also really warm. Like 50 degrees everyday this week. 
That's an awesome bishopric. Drifty and Shane:) are awesome. 
The Salina ward is cool. It's an interesting place. We do have a Spanish family that we are teaching but we can't see them very often because they work a ton. Hopefully Kinley gets feeling better. And it sounds like Blake hasn't changed since I left.
Reggie sent me a ton of pics with her and elephants looks like she is on vacation not a humanitarian trip. Dad is still working out everyday? He really must be scared that I will beat him in a fight. You are the best!  I love you tons!
Elder Johnson

Salina Zone Conference

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 21

 I am good. Salina is a cool place. This week was kinda uneventful so I don't have too much to say. It really hasn't been super cold. Everyone was freaking out about the ice storm and it barely even hit Salina. There was only a little ice on the trees and stuff. The road weren't icy at all. Reggie sent me her blog post but none of the pics came with it. If you could forward me some pics that would be cool. Thanks for being so awesome love you tons.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 20 and a Baptism

So this week was a good week. We haven't been using any Spanish though, not much Spanish in Salina. I'll start off by talking about the baptism we had! We baptized Michele yesterday after church and it was awesome. She is super cool and had such of a desire to be baptized. It was my first time ever baptizing someone and it was such a cool experience.
So far we have not been using Spanish very often. We in fact have zero Spanish investigators. So hopefully we will find some this week. Elder Colemere is awesome he is such a great missionary and we get along super well we have lots of fun. 
I'm staying warm I have all the thermals you sent. And we have a full time car. So I'm surviving. Plus it's not -24! Holy cow.
That's a ton of snow!  Hopefully nothing floods.
That makes me glad to hear Bryson is home and doing better. What a stud. And I did get the
blanket. Thanks so much you got me a nice one! But I sent some pics this week so I hope that will make you happy.

Elder Johnson

We also had zone conference so here a pic of the Salina zone

   Me eating a taco. Comemos muchos tacos cada día.
So this is something random but it was really funny. I had this encounter with this squirrel (there are tons of squirrels in the Manhattan and Salina area)
 Elder Johnson: This sidewalk isn't big enough for the two of us. 
Squirrel: *stares me down* *folds arms*
Elder Johnson: (sings western showdown song) *draws finger gun* Bang!
Squirrel: *runs away* 
Elder Johnson: Get out of town!
It was super funny you would have to be there. But Elder Colemere managed to take a pic.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 19 First Week in Salina

Hey! Salina is pretty cool it's not very far from Manhattan but it's very different. Salina has only one ward. I think I'll use Spanish more in this area. Elder Colemere is pretty awesome we get along very well. I've learned a lot from him. 
We have a baptism next week so I'm pretty excited for that. It's hard going into an area with you and your comp both brand new. But we are figuring thing out. 
Salina has a ton of potential and I'm excited to serve here. Now I don't have any pictures since I have left Manhattan but I have some pics of my last week in Manhattan.

A little lip sync before he and Elder Flores were transferred 
Untitled from Suzanne Johnson on Vimeo.

Trying out a Christmas gift
Chilling with the Zone Leaders
 Hanging out with Jose, one of our investigaters who will be getting baptized soon 
 Mission family, Dad, Mom, Son
 Jesus our homie that was baptized in June