Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 14

This week was really good it's actually been one of our better weeks. Thanksgiving was good. The first one we had was alright but it wasn't super good. Mostly because the stuffing wasn't too good and there was a different kinda of yams. But it was still really good. The other dinner was awesome though the family that cooked it are like pro chefs. And they are Hispanic so they had some other really good meats along with the traditional stuff. I was really full.
Not sure what you want to know when you say to tell you everything haha. This week we met some new people so that's good. It was kinda hard because Manhattan was a bit of a ghost town this week. But mostly everyone is back home now. Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving. And especially now that Dallas is like 10-1!! I hope Luke is doing good now. I like all your pics you sent. I'll be sure to send some pics to you today. :) sad to hear about Bryson but when I talked to him last week he was really optimistic. Sounds like things are going good though with grandpa Ace, Zac, Reggie and all that jazz. Love you tons! Thanks for all you do you're the best! Less then a month away till Christmas I'm pumped to FaceTime you!

PDay shopping

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 13

Hey guys! 
   These past couple of weeks have just been flying by. Its crazy to think I've been gone for like 3 months now. We had transfers last week and for me not much changed. Same area same companion. The biggest change is that now I have a new district leader. So like mostly everyone who lives in Manhattan is going to collage or they are military. And since a lot of students are home for Thanksgiving, Manhattan is empty especially in the morning because most of the military people are on base at fort Riley. It's really weird to see the town go from super busy roads and people everywhere to emptiness. And Saturday there was a football or basketball game and so everyone was at the game or watching it on tv. Even more empty. We would try to go see people and they would answer their door and tell us to leave because they were watching a K-State game. A little harder to find people haha. 
   The weather is weird because some days
it's hot and other days it's super cold. I got the packages! Thank you! Those earmuffs are magical. It's cold on bikes but all the winter 
stuff is making it good.     
   So yesterday was awesome. We had a zone conference in Topeka with Elder Wilford W. Anderson of the Seventy and he is so awesome. I learned so much from him. He talked a lot about the missionary purpose and the doctrine of Christ. He then also had a 2 hour Q&A. This is something awesome he said. "If you want to be fluent in the language of the spirit learn how to be reverent...The Spirit is what gives us desire. Testify to bring in spirit to change the desire of investigators" and it's true when you have spiritual experiences its motivates you to do good. And he said investigators but it's the same for everyone else. I have been learning so much these past couple of months and it's awesome. My testimony has grown so much. As missionaries we bear testimony all the time. And before the mission I wouldn't bear my testimony very much. But I've learned that the more you share your testimony the more it grows. The church is true! 
   I Don't have any pics :( hopefully they will send me the pic we took at zone conference with Elder Anderson
Elder Johnson 

Zone Conference with Elder Anderson

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 12

So I'll start off by talking about transfers. I'm staying in Manhattan with Elder Flores so not much will change. But this week has been good. And election wise most people are happy out here. No riots. So I assume trump won Kansas. 
We have a couple investigators, we have 3 but they are all progressing slowly. One is a 12 year old and his parents don't want him to get baptized just yet. The other is a guy with a crazy past and has trouble when it comes to repentance and doesn't think God can forgive him. Kinda sad but he'll figure it out. And the other is a newer guy I don't know him too well but he is really interested. Have a great week!
Elder Johnson

We had a sweet district meeting up on this hill

 So every morning we do role plays and so I thought I'd make it fun and dress up. Little did I know elder Flores was taking pics
 Then he made this. Don't ask why. It's weird. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 11

Hey Everyone!

This week has just flown by! This week nothing too eventful really happened but we have met a ton of new people that seem pretty interested. Many of which speak Spanish. So that's really cool. It's been helping my Spanish a lot even though some of them talk really fast and I don't understand a whole lot. This week we haven't had a ton of success but we have been meeting a ton of new people. We don't have any super strong investigators as of now except for this boy named Sean. He wants to be baptized really bad but his parents aren't very religious and are kinda holding him back. But I'm sure they will come around eventually. I'm in the Manhattan zone which includes Wamigo and Junction city. And I'm in the Manhattan 1st ward area. It includes like less then half of Manhattan and two small towns called Clay Center and Ogden. Last week I had my first zone conference. It was awesome. President McCuistion is awesome and we had such a good training on personal and companionship study. The Zone Leaders also gave a training on vision. They shared an analogy about a row boat. If you are stranded in the middle of the ocean and can't see anything in the distance you will row but you will eventually give up due to the fact you don't know where you are going or if you are going in circles. But if you see some land of in the distance you will have something to look to. And you will be able to make to land easier. It was super cool. I learned a ton. And I'm learning so much every day. Kansas is amazing! I hope that you guys are all doing good!

Elder Johnson

Zone Conference in Junction City