Friday, December 15, 2017

Week 66

Hi Mom! This week was good! We did a ton of service this week and have a lot more lined up for this next week. We don’t have any news on Elder Halls visa yet. It’s not too cold so he is doing fine. He has a sweater and a light jacket that gives enough warmth. 
This week lots happened and at the same time not much happened. We did find a cool family this week (single mom and her son) and they are interested and we have had a couple awesome lesson with them. It was cool because when we knocked on their door the mom answered and told us that she wasn’t interested but that he son would be. So we came by later to meet with her son and she listened to the lesson and now she is taking the lessons with her son. So that’s cool. And yeah that was my week. 
So next week I’m going to the Kansas City Temple with all the elders in my district including the senior couple and the bishop to do a session. So that’s awesome! I'm excited! It’s been forever since I’ve been to the temple. The mission has recently changed the policy so we can go to the temple every six months if we live within 2 1/2 hours of the temple. So that will probably be the only opportunity I’ll have to go to the temple on my mission. Unless I serve in Topeka. I will be going on Tuesday so Tuesday will be my pday. So I’m letting you know so you can know that I won’t respond to my email til Tuesday. Have a great week!  Love ya!

Elder Skylar Johnson

1-2) In the apartment 
3) Junction City Squad
4) Chapman #LightTheWorld
Dear Sister Johnson,

Your fine son participated in a special musical number in our ward yesterday. The elders sang a beautiful arrangement of "Silent Night" that was enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

Thank you again for sending your son to Kansas on his mission! We are enjoying getting to know him!

Nancy Methvin
Junction City 1st Ward

Another yummy dinner at the Dunlaps

Dear Sister Johnson,

Your fine son participated in a special musical number in our ward yesterday. The elders sang a beautiful arrangement of "Silent Night" that was enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

Thank you again for sending your son to Kansas on his mission! We are enjoying getting to know him!

Nancy Methvin
Junction City 1st Ward

Week 65

1) I think I forgot to send this one last week. Doing service... I’m Chapman for the Johnson family
2-4) Father and Son aka Elder Johnson and Hall
5-6) Driving past Milford lake
7) Playing ball with Jacob
8) Elder Thornton and I

Week 64 Staying in Junction City

Hey everyone! 
This week was great! Transfer news is in so I’ll start off with that. I will be staying in Junction City and I will be training a new missionary! So that’s exciting! I’m really excited to train I think it will be really fun. I don’t know who it will be but I’ll find out on Wednesday. I’m happy I’m staying because Junction is awesome and the members are really cool. 
So this week was Thanksgiving! It was really good. We had two Thanksgivings on Thursday (one at the church and the other at a members) and another one on Friday it was so good. I got a little fat. 
This week also we did a lot of service. It was fun. Saturday we went and did some yard work for some members cutting down trees and bushes. But that is a quick rundown of my week this week! 

Dinner at the Dunlaps

Friday, December 8, 2017

Week 63

Hey y’all! 
This week was great! Lots of cool things happened! So we had a zone conference in Topeka on Friday with Elder Stanfill from the seventy. It was so awesome! It’s so great to be able to meet and hear from a general authority. It was really good. 
Then this week we had Stephens baptism! It went so great! So this is Stephens story of how he found the church and that it was true. Stephen has a friend who was recently baptized. He was talking to her one day and he mentioned how he wanted to get back into church. His friend invited him to go to a Mormon service and so he thought he’d try it out. He went just that one Sunday and at church he “felt like he was home” and “where he was supposed to be” at church a member gave him a Book of Mormon. He took it home and started to read it. He would from time to time ask some questions to his friend about the church. Stephen got in habit to read the Book of Mormon every day. He found out about general conference and then started to study conference talks every day as well. He just showed up to church one Sunday by himself and that’s how we met him. By this time he already knew of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Teaching him was awesome, he knew very little of the Restoration or the plan of salvation but as we taught him he accepted everything easily because he knew the Book of Mormon was true. The other day we were talking about temples with him and he is getting deployed to Europe. (He is in the army) And he really wants to try to go to the temple before he goes to Europe. So that’s really awesome he has that goal. 
Also an awesome miracle is that Jason and Joes older brother Josue got baptized this last week. When I first met him he wouldn’t ever want to talk to us. But now he is baptized! So cool!

Elder Skylar Johnson 

Pics from the week :)
1) Stephens baptism 
2) Junction City District
3-6) Tanks and stuff on Fort Riley
7) Josues baptism
8) zone conference with Elder Stanfill 

Dinner again at the Dunlaps!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Week 62

Hi everyone- 
This week was great! I’ll start off with an awesome miracle. We have been meeting with Stephen. He came to church a couple weeks ago by himself and that’s how we met him. A friend in another state gave him a Book of Mormon like 2 months ago and he has been reading it every day since(he is already in 3rd Nephi) This week he was in town and we were able to have a couple of lessons this week and it was awesome! We taught him the restoration and he loved it! He told us how he knew that the Book of Mormon is true and how he wants to get baptized! He is going to get baptized on the 18th of November! It’s so exciting! He is very excited to continue to learn about the gospel and live it! It’s so amazing to see how he is able to understand and accept the restored gospel when he knows the Book of Mormon is true. This just shows how important the Book of Mormon is and the blessing that come when we know it’s true! Heavenly Father is always preparing people to receive the gospel. And as we work to find those who ready the Lord will provide! 

This week I was able to go on exchanges with the zone leaders in Manhattan. It was fun to go and work in manhattan again, which was my first area. On the exchange we went on campus of KSU and talked to a ton of people. It was really fun to talk to a lot of people and share the gospel with them.

Elder Skylar Johnson 

We got a fun surprise from a member in Elder Johnsons area. They sent these fun pics of them having dinner.Beef stew and apple pie:)Thank you Sister Dunlap!

Week 61

We had a ward trunk or treat. It was fun
1-3) hogwarts
4) Low quality pic high quality District

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Week 60 First Week in Junction City

Hey everyone! 
This was an awesome week! So first off I said goodbye to Wichita and some awesome members in the Wichita west branch. I’ll attach the pics. I also had to say goodbye to my trainer Elder Flores. (He went home Wednesday) so after all the goodbyes I was able to go to Junction City!  Junction is a cool place and I am liking it. Since I’m the only Spanish missionary in junction I get to teach all the Spanish people! So that’s cool! We haven’t found too many yet but we will sure find them :) So something that is really cool is that we had a baptism Friday! Ramon is his name. He is really cool. He has been meeting with missionaries for over 5 years. A couple months ago he moved to Junction. And three week ago he called up the missionaries and asked them to come by. So that’s a real cool miracle that happened! 
Also Saturday Jason (brother of Joe) was baptized in Kellogg so that’s super awesome! 

Las fotos
1) Me, hermana Bender, and hermana Stowell with the arreola family
2) Elder Riddle and I with the arreola family 
3) Hermana caro
4) Elder flores and I
5) With Elder Flores and Elder Riddle
6) At Ramon’s baptism with my new comp Elder Bryan 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Week 59 (Transfer News)

Hey everyone! 
This week was really cool and we some some awesome milagros!! But also transfer news is in so I’ll start off with that. President called me sunday night and told me that I’m going to be a district leader in Junction city. I’ll be with Elder Bryan who just got finished with his training. He is an English missionary and it is an English area. So I pray I won’t forget my Spanish. But apparently there used to be a Spanish branch there long long ago. So that’s exciting! 
So my time was short here in Wichita west and it’s kinda sad to leave Wichita which I have come to know and love so much. I’ll miss being comps with elder riddle he is a homie. But even though my time was short it was awesome and I had amazing experiences and learned so much. 
One of these awesome experiences happened this week. With our investigator Ana. Who we have been teaching the whole time I’ve been in Wichita west. Anyways we were teaching her the gospel of Jesus Christ and we were talking about baptism. She told us how she knows she needs to be baptized and how her life has changed so much since she started reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church. She was in tears and told us how she has changed and how she has been finding much comfort though prayer. The spirit was so strong. So that was an amazing experience and lesson. On the down side she isn’t married to her boyfriend so it could take some time before she is baptized. But it will happen. 
Also I found out this week that Jason (older brother of joe that got baptized a couple weeks back in Kellogg) is getting baptized this next weekend!!

  This is what happens when a non member asks for some help moving. The whole zone shows up
A very low quality pic by a Wichita mural
  Wichita West District

Hoy fue el último día que su hijo cenó con nosotros 
Estoy muy agradecida de conocerlo

Esta foto la tomé para usted hoy
(A member sent this to me on Skylar's last day in Wichita!)