Friday, August 18, 2017

Una semana llena de los milagros Week 51

Hey everyone! 
This week was awesome and we saw so many miracles! I'll share just a few though. So this Sunday Jason (10) and Joe (8) finally
came to church. They really want to be baptized but for the past month they have been bailing on coming to church because they were scared to come to a new church with new people. But they came and they loved it!
And their older brother who is a member was out of town and they still came! But teaching them is so fun they are the funniest little boys ever. They are on date for the 26th of August so hopefully that date doesn't get pushed back anymore :)
And another miracle was that Friday night we got a referral for a Henry Melgar from some English missionaries. We came by Saturday night to see him and he is super elect! He recently moved here from El Salvador. We taught him la restauración and he loved it. He told us how he wants to change his life and was looking for someone to help him along his way. He came to church Sunday stayed all three hours and loved it! He wants to come to church again next Sunday. Oh he also wants to get baptized but he hasn't accepted a date yet but he will totally get baptized in the near future!
The sisters found an elect family of 9 this week. The mom is a less active member and 6 of the 7 kids are baptismal age. The whole family came to church so Sunday there was a just a ton of people at church and it was so awesome! The Lord has been blessing us tremendously and it is awesome! So this has been a great week!

Elder Johnson

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Week 50

We went on an adventure with the zone and found a beach in Kansas

Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 49

Us with the branch mission leader saying adios to 
Hermana Christensen

Wichita Kansas 🌽🌾🌻🌪❤️

Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 48

Hey everyone! 
What's up? Transfers are this week and I am staying in Kellogg yet again! That means I will be in Kellogg for six months! I'm actually really happy to be staying here again and with Elder Mujica!
The Kellogg branch is so awesome I am loving it here! Wichita is a great place!
Anyways this week was awesome! We saw some more awesome milagros! One of which was when we were on splits with the zone leaders. Elder Sperry and I went to contact a referral from the APs and we met Marta. We had an awesome door step lesson with her and she told us to come by the next day. So Elder Mujica and I went back the next day and had a super awesome restoration lesson with her. She was excited to read the Book of Mormon pray and come to church! And Sunday she showed up to church and she said she loved it!
Another sweet miracle is that we talked to an old Mexican man named Hector. We have talked to him before but then fell if the face of the earth for like two weeks but we found him yet again! (He was working out of town) anyways we had a sweet lesson with him and he told us how he wants to change and learn more from us. He came to church as well and he loved it! But Hector wants us coming by more often because he wants to change his life. Which is awesome because the Gospel of Jesus
Christ is all about change.
Anyways this week was great! I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Fotos del distrito de Kellogg

Visiting a museum in whichita on PDay

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Week 47

This week was awesome! 
It was flipping hot and this week is going to be just as hot if not hotter. And the wind is a hot wind plus the humidity. I felt bad for the sisters because their car was in the shop and they were on bike and foot all week. But anyways this week we saw some cool miracles. There is a family that moved here from Idaho 4 of the 7 kids were baptized just over a year and the parents were not baptized. Elder Radman and I found them like a month and a half ago. Anyways 2 of the kids Jason (11) and Joe (8) that we started teaching recently want to get baptized! They are on date to get baptized on the 29th of July. But we might move there date back a week so they can be more ready along with the older brother that will baptize them. But the bad news is that transfers are coming up so I may not be in Kellogg for that.
Elder Johnson

Zone Conference
Elder Eakle and I at Zone Conference

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 46

This week was good. We talked to a lot of people this week and found a ton of cool people that want to learn more! So that was good but sadly none of them could come to church :( my birthday was pretty much just a normal day but it was good! I got emails from people on my birthday that haven't ever emailed me on my mission so that was good.
On the 4th when we got back to our apartment Elder Mujica and I sat out on our balcony ate ice cream and watched the fireworks happening around us. And there was quite a lot. It was good. It been getting very hot and humid in Kansas I love all this pics you sent. Maybe we will take another today. 

Love you tons! Thanks for my birthday presents you are the best!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Bautismo! 💦 Week 45

Hey everyone! 
This week was awesome! So many amazing things happened!
First off Josselin got baptized! It was awesome! At the baptism the whole branch pretty much came! It was such a sweet experience!
Josselin is nine, her mom and brother are members but her dad isn't yet. It's really such a blessing to be able to help people find the restored gospel and for them to get baptized by the priesthood authority. And what an spiritual experience baptisms are.
This week many other things happened from interviews and exchanges with the APs. So I learned so much this week. And as Elder Mujica and I have applied the things we learned we have seen so many Milagros come from it. Saturday the day after we had exchanges we went out and worked hard and met some people that were really interested. Here is one of the experiences, we went to go and see Gabrielle someone that we met about a week ago. When we started to talk to her she stopped us and said, "can I go get my niece I think she would like to talk to you guys too." We gladly accepted her request and met Laticia. We had a super powerful Christ centered lesson on the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They were both really into it and desired to come to church. We set up a ride with a member and they both came to church Sunday along with another member of their family (who we later found out was a member of the church but hasn't come for over a year) They
all really liked church. When we went to see them Sunday night we read in the Book of Mormon with them and they were all excited to read chapter 2 and pray about it! They also mentioned another family member that they said would be interested in talking to us too! We don't even have to ask them for referrals they just keep giving them to us!
Elder Johnson
Las fotos!
1) Josselin at her baptism!
2-3) Kellogg District
4-5) Josselin's little brother. This was super funny. We left after a lesson with Josselin. Fernando came out grabbed our hands walked to the car with us and wanted to go home with us. Sorry the pics are real blurry

Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 44

Hey! Things are going great! We are having a baptism Saturday so that's awesome!  I'll talk about that next week and send pics! On the down side is that I have bed bugs :( I hope I killed them all.  Tú they are sneaky little buggers. My new comp is sweet. He has been out 6 months. We have been getting along great so far.
Sorry this email is short but I don't have
much tiempo. Have a great week.

We went to spangles today for lunch

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Week 43

What's up everyone?? 
My my week was pretty sweet to be honest and lots has happened. My new companion Elder Mujica is really cool he is from Mexico so I'm learning more Spanish! Earlier this week we had a lesson with this guy named Ulysses. We met him a while back and he showed interest but wouldn't ever keep his return appointments. We finally caught him at a good time and had a sit down lesson with him and his brother. We taught a spiritual restoration lesson and they were really into it. After the lesson they were totally down to talk to us more and read the Book of Mormon. It's cool to have these experiences as a missionary to give people spiritual experiences and to have their desire to learn more about the gospel grow. The biggest milagro (miracle) that happened this week was when we were having dinner with a member Hermana Castañeda. Her husband isn't a member. She told us that she has a daughter that is nine and she wanted her to take the missionary lessons. So the next day we go over and meet Josselyn. We talked to her about prayer, scriptures, church, and baptism. It was a cool experience to be able to teach simply for a nine year old to understand. It's a cool thing about the gospel it's so simple and easy to understand that we can understand it, know that's it's true, chose to follow it as young as eight years old. As we taught her about baptism she said, "I want all my sins to be washed
away" After talking with her parents she is on date to be baptized on the first on July! We gave her the Book of Mormon stories book. And we saw her the next day at the branch Father's Day party and she ran up to us with the book in hand and said, "I read the whole book already and I'm going to read it again!"

Las fotos
1. Kellogg Rama misioneros
2. Us with hermano Flores
3. Elder Radman y yo
4. Me holding a baby bunny that's now named Skylar
5-6 La familia chairez

7-9 Me with my new companion Elder Mujica

Week 42 Transfers

I'm staying in Kellogg for another transfer! Elder Radman is leaving to Garden City and Elder Mujica (moo-hee-kuh) is going to be my compañero. I don't know him at all. 
Anyways, this week was awesome we met some really cool people. We met this homie Marlyn and is super open and wants to learn more and come to church with his whole family. They are in the process of moving so they couldn't come this week. But they are all planning on coming this Sunday. Marlyn is really cool after we talked to him he texted us a ton of long texts telling us how grateful he was that we talked to him and how he is looking forward to having us come back and talk to him and go to church the following week. So I'm very excited to get to teach him! Also this week our investigator Claudia came to church and accepted a baptismal date of July 1st!
Last Sunday we had a mission wide 24hr fast. It was really cool. We
have seen so many miracles come from it.

The Derby Zone

 I dunked and broke the hoop. Haha jk

Friday, June 16, 2017

Week 41

Hey mom! 
My week was good. I got to go on exchanges with the APs Wednesday so it was cool to be able to learn from them. This week we talked to a lot of people too. Cool story. Sunday night we had nowhere to go so I was just randomly driving around and out of all of the places to be in Wichita we happened to pass the house of an old referral (Lenny and Juan) that some other missionaries sent us a good month ago that we were never able to find them home. Seeing that
someone was outside the house I hurried and pulled over and went to talk to them.
Radman: Hey are you Lenny or Juan?
Lenny: Yo Lenny! (Stands up and shakes our hands in excitement) ¡Por fin me encuentran!
Translation: I Lenny! Finally you found me!
This guy was awesome. He asked us where the church was and what time it starts so he could come next Sunday. And then he gave us his number and said to call him Saturday. (He works out of town all week) then is friend Juan came outside to get in his car and as he passed by Lenny told Juan that we were coming over Saturday to talk and that they were going to church next Sunday and Juan seemed pretty down too!

So there is one miracle that we saw. Another miracle was that we didn't see Mariela we saw Salvador though. We only ever go to that house to see Claudia and whenever we go we go when Salvador is working or if he is home one of us talks to him (he talks a ton so it's pretty much just him telling weird crazy stories that he says are true but they aren't) and the other will teach Claudia. Salvador invited us over for dinner again but we told him that we were going to be busy that day.
Transfers are coming up next week. And we will find out Monday so I'll be sure to let you know. I really hope that I'll be staying but anything could happen so we will just have to wait and see.
It's great to hear from you. Sorry but the only picture I took this week was of the meal calendar and I'm sure you wouldn't want that so sorry. Have a great week you are the best love ya!

Elder Johnson

Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 40

Hey everyone! 
This week was really crazy and much happened. Tuesday we had exchanges with the Elders in our district. It was good. Wednesday we went to try to see our investigator Odalyys who has dropped of the face of the earth. We went and knocked on the door and her older sister (Arline) opened the door like always and said she wasn't home. Arline hasn't ever taken much interest into talking with us but Wednesday she started asking questions about what we do and then turned into a restoration lesson. She was very interested in the message and has desires to get closer to Jesus Christ. It was awesome and on top of that she told us that Odalyys had moved and gave us her address and we were able to go see Odalyys Saturday. Odalyys said that she has been reading the Book of Mormon and wants us to come Monday night and teach her and she would have her boyfriend over too so we could teach him as well! 
Thursday we had zone conference and it was the best zone conference ever! President McCuistion is awesome!
Friday we had exchanges with the zone leaders and it was awesome. I was able to go with Elder Sperry I learned so much from him. Saturday I had one of the strangest experiences of my life. One of our investigators Salvador invited us to have dinner with him and Claudia an other investigator that's really elect. We talked to Salvador on Wednesday and he mentioned that he had another personality that is a woman. He briefly mentioned it and we weren't too sure if he was serious. Anyways I gave him a call Saturday morning to see if we are still good for dinner. He told us on the phone that we were going to meet his other self at dinner. We were scared to go but we went because we were hungry and needed to talk to Claudia. We show up and Salvador is completely crossed dressed introduced himself in a girly voice as Mariela. It was very strange. But on the plus side the tacos were really good.
Anyways that's a real short overview of my week. I hope you all had a great week!
Here's a pic from zone conference

Elder Johnson

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Week 39

This week was alright. We had one of our most solid investigators drop us so that was sad. And we dropped another investigator Jose, the guy that went to Living Legends with us. He wouldn't read the Book of Mormon ever so we tried to find out why. He believes that bible is the only book you can read. After testifying and teaching prayer and how we can know of the truth through prayer he still wouldn't read or pray about it. So I asked him, "If God himself came to you, gave you a book and told you that it's His word and to read it, but it wasn't the Bible would you read it?" Joses response was, "No" It's was frustrating to hear this religious man say that he would tell God no. But we are moving forward and found some other cool peeps to teach.
Church was good. I can tell that my Spanish has improved a ton from when I first came to Kellogg to now because I can understand so much more. 

Elder Johnson

Yummy food we ate at a party

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 38 and Mothers Day Call

We had a great Skype call with our Elder on Mother's Day! He is doing well and he loves the area he is in. We are so thankful for his example and great attitude! 

 Twinner ties

Hey mom! Long time no see.... it's been about 23ish hours. I took some pics just for you! Have a great week love ya!

Elder Radman had to go buy a suit today. And you know how much I love
shopping 😒
Action shots of me washing the dishes like dad requested

Elder Johnson