Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 10

Elder Johnson didn't have much time to email today. He's doing well, working hard and sent some great pictures. 

District Meeting on Hawaiian Day 

"Elder Flores and I found these flower crowns at the store"

District Meeting

Monday, October 24, 2016

Two Months Down

Hey Everyone!
This week was pretty good. The members here are awesome and we got fed good every day this week. So every 4 days we switch off the car with the second ward Elders. But this week the car was having problems so it's been a lot of biking. We hope that we will get it back this week. But the good thing is that now I don't have a broken Walmart bike, it's much easier.  It's fun biking down the big hills but not so much on the uphill haha. But my legs are getting nice and sore.
Elder Flores is a good missionary and we get along good. We are teaching a family from Puerto Rico I think I've mentioned them before. (The three kids speak English though but the mom only speaks Spanish). There is a big trailer park in our area that has a lot of Spanish people but we don't really have any solid investigators there. When we teach in Spanish I don't really say anything because I'm trying to figure out what is being said because I don't understand super well. But we always pray in Spanish. I don't think I've said a personal prayer in English since the 2nd day of the MTC. Even though my prayers are still like 20% English. This week we had zone training and it was such a cool and spiritual experience. Our zone leaders are awesome and taught some good lessons. They talked about how desire is really important, and how desire gives us a vision of what we want to become. And it's something we want to do. We all need to have desire in our callings in the church. I'm loving the mission field and I'm so happy I got called to Kansas it is the best.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hi All-
What's up everyone? This week went pretty fast and was pretty awesome. We have been teaching a couple more Spanish people so that's really cool. I am not always too sure what's going on when we have a Spanish
lesson but I'm getting better. The ward that I am in is really cool.The people are super nice and they feed us good. The ward is pretty small compared to back at home. My district is really cool and so are our zone leaders.
This week we biked a lot and met lots of people. I have already met so many people with different beliefs. The weather is kinda weird down here though. Somedays it's really cold and the next day is super hot.
We are having a jolly good time down here. I have been learning so much and growing so much spiritually. I can't believe how much my testimony has grown for only being out in the field just two weeks.
Sorry but I failed again with pictures :( I can't send pictures on my camera because we don't have a computer so I'm going to try to take some pictures on my iPad. I love and miss all of you guys!!

Elder Johnson

A Member made this for Sky...It's a missionary made out of balloons. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Hello From Manhattan Kansas!

We are so happy to get our Elder's first email from the mission field. He lives close to Kansas State University and is in a basement apartment. He said that the ward members are really cool and is looking forward to getting to know them better.

Hey Everybody-
So this last week has been awesome! Monday I said goodbye to my district and teachers (I have a lot of pictures I'll try to send those later) 
Tuesday I left the MTC to Kansas and when we arrived we went straight to the mission office and ate lots of good food. After the meal they had missionaries come in to go on splits for a couple hours. They told us that I had three hours to invite two people to baptism and my companion as well. So four total. I thought they would have us place a Book of Mormon or two but invite people to be baptized is a little more tough. So I was really scared to go right to work and invite people. But nevertheless I went forth. And that was a super awesome experience. So we went around and talked to a bunch of new people and we met our goal just in time! It was awesome to teach people that have never heard of the LDS church. We didn't get anyone on date but most of them said that they would read and pray about the Book of Mormon. The mission president and his wife are really cool. I'm living in a basement of some old couples house. Wednesday I met my new companion and found out where I'm serving. So my trainer is Elder Flores he is from Arizona, speaks both Spanish and English, and is awesome. Here is a pic we just took. 
So we are serving in the Manhattan first ward. And we speak English 90% of the time because there isn't many people that only speak Spanish. Although we meet a family from Puerto Rico and they only speak Spanish and seemed really interested we are going to meet with them again tomorrow. And it is awesome here! 
I was told Kansas is flatter then a pancake but here in Manhattan it's a pretty bumpy pancake. There are so many hills everywhere. We got to bike this week so my legs are a little sore haha. But now we get to switch off with the car with other elders in the area so that's good. The members here are really awesome and feed us good.  
Being out in the field is so much better then the MTC. I've been having lots of fun and have been learning so much I have seen so many miracles and I haven't even been out long!
Love, Elder Johnson

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

He Made it to Kansas

4 October 2016

Brother and Sister Johnson,

It was our pleasure to greet Elder Johnson upon his arrival in the Kansas Wichita Mission. The enthusiasm and humility of all of our new missionaries adds greatly to the work. We wish to express our gratitude for your willingness to support Elder Johnson in his desire to serve the Lord as a Missionary. We know that many blessings will be realized by you and him as he fulfills this sacred responsibility.

Your missionary will appreciate a weekly letter from home. It can be a valuable source of strength as you communicate your encouragement and love. He has been instructed to write home only once a week. The nature of missionary work is so demanding that time does not permit more frequent communication. Distraction can become a barrier to his spirituality and to the work. Please encourage family and friends to be thoughtful in this regard.

We also ask that telephone calls, both to and from your missionary, be limited to Christmas and Mother's Day. These calls are specifically for the parents of the missionary and should be brief, meaning no more than one hour. Please contact the Mission Office at (316) 260-1343, or the General Church Office (801) 240-2531, in emergency situations and we will relay the message to your missionary. Please refrain from sharing troubling concerns from home as this frustrates the missionary and makes him feel powerless to solve the concerns. But do discuss his missionary experiences and your encouragement for his service.

I will personally meet with Elder Johnson on frequent intervals. Zone and District leaders will see and work with him also. We will do everything we can to help him be successful in this sacred calling.

Sister McCuistion and I express our love and appreciation for the privilege of serving with Elder Johnson in the tremendous responsibility and privilege of being an ambassador of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May the blessings of the Lord be with you.


Mitchell D. McCuistion, President Kansas Wichita Mission

Elder Johnson, President and Sister McCuistion
at Keeper of the Plains Monument in Wichita
 The new Elders and Sisters