Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Week 47

This week was awesome! 
It was flipping hot and this week is going to be just as hot if not hotter. And the wind is a hot wind plus the humidity. I felt bad for the sisters because their car was in the shop and they were on bike and foot all week. But anyways this week we saw some cool miracles. There is a family that moved here from Idaho 4 of the 7 kids were baptized just over a year and the parents were not baptized. Elder Radman and I found them like a month and a half ago. Anyways 2 of the kids Jason (11) and Joe (8) that we started teaching recently want to get baptized! They are on date to get baptized on the 29th of July. But we might move there date back a week so they can be more ready along with the older brother that will baptize them. But the bad news is that transfers are coming up so I may not be in Kellogg for that.
Elder Johnson

Zone Conference
Elder Eakle and I at Zone Conference

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